ADHD ... You have options.

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The relationship between diet and ADHD (as well as other comorbid conditions such as anxiety) is overwhelming. Our simple approach will help decrease ADHD symptoms for better quality of life .

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Research shows that physical activity sparks real, positive changes in the brain that will increase attention and improve mood. Let us show you ways of making subtle changes that will make a big impact.

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Over 20 years of research has shown that specific, one on one, supplementation (including amino acid therapy) not only helps with better focus, but increased cognitive function and self esteem.

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Sleep is always a struggle at a time when it’s needed the most. Our techniques on getting a good night’s rest can help your child experience the difference between a good day and a great day!

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Our experienced ADHD coaches will help you live more effectively by deepening your learning and improving your performance at home, work and at school.


Mindfulness is an important component and prevalent in today’s world. We will show you how to focus on your awareness on the present moment while calmly acknowledging (and accepting) your feelings, thoughts and actions.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’ (ADHD) is a diagnosis that sends a parent into a tailspin when they find out that one of their own is struggling with it. There are numerous studies dedicated to investigating its cause and it is, today, one of the top ten most studied disorders.

Many, or most, will agree that parenting is not easy – especially parenting a child or youth with ADHD. We are certain that this was not part of the dream of parenthood when planning to have children. Does some of the diagnosis perhaps happen because children these days are misunderstood? Is it because they are evolving and no longer fit into the convenience of the ‘one size fits all’ society that we have become, a society which, on the other hand, claims to celebrate diversity, liberty and freedom of expression?

We do have a choice, however, in how we treat ADHD – we can keep allowing these things to happen to our children, or we can take responsibility for their well being by taking action and educating ourselves about the reality of the ADHD diagnosis: the effectiveness of proper treatment and why it is so important that we stop labeling our children now.

vancouverADHD is devoted to helping raise awareness within the community of why those who struggle with ADHD (and any comorbidity issues) need to stop being labeled as being 'diseased and disordered.' And, as experts in our fields, we wish to help inform you about the gift that ADHD can be and all of the treatments available today to help you.

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Clinical and Holistic Nutritionist, Integrative ADHD & Mental Health Practitioner and Author
Karen is a registered clinical and holistic nutritionist, integrative ADHD practitioner and author of “ADHD is Not a Four Letter Word.” She believes in empowering her clients through education and informed choices and works closely with each and every one of them to ensure future success.


ADHD ... You have options.

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