May 24, 2017

Ashleigh Stewart

About Ashleigh and Her Work


‘Five Minutes to Mindfulness – Kids’ System

Ashleigh’s ‘Five Minutes to Mindfulness – Kids’ system has been developed specifically for kids and their families. It offers a unique holistic and fun approach to kid’s mental health & wellness.

The system is an effective drug free approach based on creative and playful, yet therapeutic strategies that are simple, fun and easy to implement into even the busiest of routines. This curriculum is proof that therapeutic works need neither a chore nor a bore!

The goal is to provide children and their families with simple and fun strategies for everyday mindfulness which focuses on the development of emotional wellbeing, and mental and physical health. Our strategies are holistic in nature and are derived from natural, non invasive approaches to health and wellness such as foot reflexology, yoga and meditation, mindfulness, color therapy, creative visualization, breath work, and creative play and journaling for kids.

This system will help your child:

  • Develop a strong sense of self awareness
  • Develop a positive self image
  • Become emotionally self aware.
  • Build skills in emotional regulation
  • Learn to respect his body, physical space and that of others.
  • Have awareness of his emotional boundaries, and those of others
  • Understand and celebrate diversity
  • Use creative play, journaling, color and art as a therapeutic tool
  • Learn how to use his breath and body to manage difficult feelings and emotions
  • Build trust in relationships though group mindfulness exercises
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with others

As a Parent you will:

  • Learn drug free, guilt free strategies to help your child help himself
  • Learn easy to implement strategies that the whole family can take part in
  • Have fun with therapeutic work
  • Begin to understand your child and his behavior/reactions in a new light
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your child
  • Learn the benefits of foot reflexology as a tool to help treat your child
  • Develop a new sense of mutual trust and respect for your child
  • Learn how to help your child overcome resistance and setbacks
  • Begin to feel a new sense of empowerment and control as a parent
  • Have a happier relationship with your child, and with your household as a whole.

Therapeutic foot reflexology sessions for children are also available to support the coaching work. Foot reflexology has proven to be an effective body work method which children respond well to and enjoy. Reflexology is a particularly effective therapeutic technique for children because it is non invasive. Children can be treated with reflexology on both their feet and hands. It instantly relaxes and calms a child’s little body and mind by sending direct messages to the brain via the stimulation of nerve endings in the feet. Through the stimulation of the nervous system reflexology induces a deep over-all sense of well being and balance through the increased production of endorphins. Reflexology helps bring the body into a state known as homeostasis. Homeostasis refers to the body’s own tendency to bring itself into natural balance, and is ideal state we need the child to be in for the mindfulness coaching to be most effective.

What to Expect

  • My commitment to help and support you and your child
  • The strictest of professionalism and confidentiality
  • Coaching sessions which will take place on a weekly basis in the comfort your own home
  • One child’s foot reflexology session
  • Unlimited support and open communication via telephone or email between sessions.
  • A copy of my book Five Minute to Mindfulness Kids – ‘Because Being Yourself Needn’t Take Time’
  • A follow up visit and continued support via email and telephone communication after completion of your sessions


  • $95 per hour for coaching
  • $65 per hour for foot reflexology
  • $320 per monthly package of 4 sessions (a saving of $60)

**Rates available on a sliding scale for special cases where families are experiencing financial hardship**


For more information or for a free telephone consultation to see this work is a fit for you and your child please contact me via email.